2013 Strong Field Project Regional Institutes

We are excited to announce that registration for the 2013 Strong Field Project Regional Institutes on Strength Based Leadership is now open!


Date Locale Registration Closes
March 14, 2013
San Jose
March 7th
March 18, 2013
Los Angeles
March 11th
March 20, 2013
San Diego
March 13th
April 15, 2013
Yuba City
April 8th
  • Registration for these Regional Institutes is free of charge for BSAV grantees
  • Up to two (2) people per organization may attend
  • Each individual from your organization must register separately


To register for these Regional Institutes, click here.


What will be covered?


Our presenters from CompassPoint Nonprofit Services will aid attendants in strengthening their leadership capacity with strength based tools, skills and knowledge to lead domestic violence organizations and the movement.

These Regional Institutes (RI’s) will help increase awareness/knowledge of personal strengths and strategic applications to leadership in domestic violence organizations; and, increase peer networking and support for new, emerging and seasoned domestic violence leaders.

Using the StrengthsFinder 2.0 assessment tool, this course is for those interested in learning how to identify and leverage personal strengths to be more productive, energized, and satisfied at work. Participants will explore how managers can use a strength based approach in supervision to maximize staff motivation and productivity while strengthening interpersonal relationships.

We will also introduce a tool for using strengths when developing and working with teams. Finally, we’ll strategize about weaknesses and discuss ways to ensure they do not get in the way of excellent performance.



The purpose of these Regional Institutes is to understand how to utilize strengths based leadership principles and practices to develop further in the following domains:

  • Leading self – understand and become more aware of your personal strengths
  • Leading others – create awareness of the strengths of others; enhance interpersonal relationships and supervision
  • Leading with teams – create awareness of team strengths; explore how you might develop teams for greater success


Additional logistical details

  • The content will be repeated at each of these Regional Institutes, so you only need to register for one (1) session
  • Up to two (2) people per organization may attend – however, each individual must register separately
  • Due to space limitations, domestic violence leaders and organizations with limited exposure to StrengthFinders will be given preference (e.g., LDP alums may be placed on a waiting list)
  • Travel assistance may be available – information is provided in the online registration