Adrienne Lamar-Snider

Associate Director

Adrienne Lamar is the Associate Director for Jenesse Center, Incorporated (also known as The Center). Jenesse Center is a non-profit organization that provides comprehensive services to families in crisis. Lamar works tirelessly supporting Jenesse’s creed that The Center is more than a shelter for battered women and their children, it’s an institute that seeks to heal communities by healing families. Jenesse Center provides a variety of mental health, public health, vocational and economic empowerment services that help rebuild self-esteem as women and their families’ transition toward self-sufficiency. Adrienne Lamar’s involvement in the leadership of the organization has enabled Jenesse Center to increase its participation on policy issues at the local, state and federal level. She recently participated in a national planning effort with the National Institute on Domestic Violence in the African American Community to address domestic violence in the greater Los Angeles area and surrounding counties. Also, active in other community and national human service related organizations, some of Lamar’s additional roles include mentoring for the Women of Color Network, a program designed to guide women in leadership roles within the domestic violence field. She is an advisory Council Member for the South Central Training Consortium—a rotating group of graduate level interns who provide direct services to community-based agencies; appointed member of the Angeles Domestic Violence Task Force, the Los Angeles Domestic Violence Council, and the California Partnership to End Domestic Violence.

Ms. Lamar has spent the past 14 years as a stanch advocate for Black women’s health. She is dedicated to providing vital health and social service resources and information to women and other un-served and underserved communities. Ms. Lamar holds a degree in Social Work and a Bachelor’s Degree in Organizational Leadership and Development.

I am so honored to have the opportunity to participate in the Blue Shield of California Leadership Cohort. Where opportunity and deliberate preparation meet begins the flight of success! I am anticipating wings unimaginable!
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