Ann King

Executive Director

Ann King grew up with 5 brothers, no sisters, in a traditional Irish Catholic family in the Midwest. Social issues were common dinner topics (debates) and community involvement was the norm for her family. Courses she took in college introduced King to feminist principles and a different perspective on men and women’s possibilities in life. Following a voracious curiosity about women’s lives, she stumbled onto the earliest books about violence against women. Immediately engaged in the effort to end violence, this same passion set in 1977 has driven her work and has not waned since.

Earning an MSW with an administrative focus on families in 1987, King has had the opportunity over the years to hold several service and leadership positions in the work for peace. She is currently the Executive Director of Tri-Valley Haven in Livermore, CA.

Since I’m an “old timer”, I was not certain BSSFP would see me as a leader worth an investment. I plan on working to end violence against women until I am no longer working, so I have several yrs. of work left! From the BSSFP I am confident that the last part of my career will be even more productive than the beginning. This program and the people involved challenged my ways of thinking, my ways of doing and totally rejuvenated my vision for the future. Thanks to BSSFP I am a better leader and can be an active partner in the future of our movement.
Tri-Valley Haven
3663 Pacific Avenue
Livermore, CA 94550
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