Danielle Lingle

Associate Executive Director

Danielle Lingle is the Associate Executive Director of Programs at the Center for Community Solutions in San Diego, California. She came to California in 1994, to complete a pre-doctoral Counseling Psychology Internship at the University of California, San Diego’s Counseling and Psychological Services. Joining the Center for Community Solutions in 1996 as a Rape Prevention Educator, she was promoted to Prevention and Education Director. Working with staff, local community residents and collaborative partner agencies, Lingle developed and implemented prevention programs to foster healthy relationships and increase community resistance to interpersonal violence. In 2004, she was promoted to Associate Executive Director of Programs. Lingle’s current role includes supporting a spirited, creative and smart team of program directors and managers in developing and implementing relationship violence, sexual assault, and elder abuse intervention and prevention services.

In 2011 Danielle Lingle was elected as the Southern Region Representative to the Board of the California Partnership to End Domestic Violence. Her professional passions include leadership development, positive psychology, community collaboration, and fostering caring. Lingle personal passions include her family, the environment, equality, peace, freedom, art, and love. She adds,“(the) Center for Community Solutions’ vision statement attracted me fifteen years ago and still inspires my life and my work: for all people to live full, free, expressive and empowered lives in a safe, vibrant, healthy and peaceful community."

The Leadership Development Program created a safe, warm, encouraging environment for sharing, learning and connecting. I left bubbling with ideas to try out, both personally and with the leaders and work teams at my agency.
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