Janine Limas

Deputy Director, Interval House Crisis Shelters

Janine Limas’ interest in participating and serving in the California domestic violence field began in 1987 when she found herself in a life threatening and devastatingly violent relationship. Admitting that the terror of that period will never leave her psyche, she credits her faith and great fortune for guiding her into the domestic violence field. With the help of Interval House, her family rebuilt their lives with a heart full of passion and a mind full of ideas about how to help others. Limas says that she devoted herself to domestic violence work “because my life and my children’s lives had truly been saved.”

Her service to the community started in a grassroots multicultural program where she worked on behalf of victims who, due to isolation and other barriers, were in desperate need. Her work has ranged from community activism to coordinating formerly battered women support groups, conducting research and educational events, to becoming a director and organizer at Interval House (an agency known for its specialization in multicultural programming). Limas attests, “I can’t think of any career that would be more meaningful and exciting than to continue to have the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of victims of domestic violence. My work in the domestic violence field has never been just a career for me; it has been a mission that has literally excited me each and every single day for over 20 years.”

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