Jodi Hoone (Appel)

Director, Domestic Violence Shelter Program, Rural Human Services

A third generation resident of rural Del Norte County, near the ocean, redwoods and vast mountains, Jodi Hoone understands and appreciates a rural community and environment. She has over 10 years of experience working with high risk populations, focusing on women and children. With an educational background in behavioral science and nutrition, she has served as Health & Safety Director for the American Red Cross in two counties, establishing a county wide food bank, women & children’s homeless advocacy programs, and a domestic violence shelter. Hoone is currently the Director of Rural Human Services’ domestic violence shelter program.

A sister, daughter, and granddaughter, Jodi loves to laugh and enjoys the unique qualities in every person. She feels fortunate to be amidst so many strong and wonderfully creative people on a daily basis.

I feel that the tools I learned from the SFP Leadership training have advanced my efforts on a professional level, although the most important impact for me is that the training seem to build on my knowledge of the foundation of the domestic violence field. It did not make me feel like I was tasked with making a new start. It reinforced a feeling of expertise to be around long time leaders who acknowledged each other’s strengths. Now being apart of a cohort of diverse leaders and having more developed leadership skills I feel more confident moving toward growth and sustainability in the DV field.
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