Kathleen Krenek

Executive Director, Next Door Solutions to Domestic Violence


Kathleen Krenek assumed the position of Executive Director of Next Door Solutions to Domestic Violence in July 2001. Kathleen has 31 years of non-profit leadership experience and 16 years specifically in domestic violence prevention and intervention. Kathleen began her work in domestic violence as Executive Director of a large urban shelter program in Wisconsin. After a few years working locally in Wisconsin, Kathleen moved to the state level as the Public Policy Director for the Wisconsin Coalition Against Domestic Violence. In that role, she moved several pieces of significant legislation through the statehouse, including securing the largest funding increase for domestic violence services in Wisconsin history and implementing one of the first stalking laws in the country. She soon moved to the national level to work as Director of the National Resource Center on Domestic Violence where she lead policy development, technical assistance to battered women’s programs across the country and research into causation and intervention strategies to eliminate domestic violence.

Kathleen has written numerous papers dealing with topics including poverty/welfare reform, incarcerated battered women, battered women who kill, and the transformation of the battered women’s movement that was published in 2001. Before her work in the anti-domestic violence field, Kathleen provided leadership in the development of a community health clinic system in Nashville, Tennessee.