Liliana Herrera

Director- Violence Prevention Services

As the Director of Prevention Services and Programs at Peace Over Violence (POV), Lili Herrera’s responsibilities include the direct supervision of POV’s Youth Prevention Services Division team and the development, implementation and direction of violence prevention programs impacting youth, their families and community. She is extremely experienced in working with high risk and incarcerated youth and their families around the roots of violence: causes and effects, family violence, gang violence, teen dating violence, child abuse and sexual violence. Over the years, Herrera has coordinated, implemented, supervised and managed numerous projects that focus on violence prevention through education, empowerment, self-advocacy and awareness.

Thirteen years ago, she continued her path in the non-violence movement as POV’s Youth Educator. After wearing many hats at Peace Over Violence, she was appointed head of her division. In 2004 Ms. Herrera was given the Los Angeles Police Department – Central Division, Volunteer of the Year Award for her long and continued contribution to LAPD’s first offender Juvenile Impact Program. Lili Herrera is a proud, single mom to 3 sons, ages 6, 17 and 18, referring to them as the inspiration to her passion and calling in the field.

This training has brought me a clearer understanding of my role as head of my department. It has inspired me to enhance my skills, providing stronger support and guidance to my team and agency overall.
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