Marci Fukuroda

Director of Legal Services

Marci Fukuroda has worked in the domestic violence field for 15 years. She is currently the Director of Legal Services at Rainbow Services, Ltd., a domestic violence agency in San Pedro, California that provides shelter and support services to domestic violence victims. Marci oversees Rainbow’s legal program, which assists clients with family law and immigration. Marci also engages in legislative and public policy advocacy to improve the rights and safety of domestic violence victims and their families.

Prior to working at Rainbow, Marci was a supervising attorney at the California Women’s Law Center where she directed the Center’s public policy work, examining the ways violence intersects with issues of discrimination, health, and economic security for women. Marci grew up in Honolulu, Hawaii and tries to go home as often as she can. She finds strength through the support of her loving husband, two dog-children, passion for cake, and the occasional happy hour.

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