Mary Martinez

Crisis Line Supervisor

After completing her B.A. in Sociology at San Francisco State, Mary Martinez wanted a meaningful career that spoke to her interest in the intersection between systems of oppression and domestic violence. In 2008, Mary began work at W.O.M.A.N. Inc. as a volunteer, dedicating hundreds of hours supporting survivors on the crisis line. Mary later moved into her current position as the Crisis Line Supervisor where she oversees the general operation of the 24-hour crisis line, which includes training and supporting the dedicated crisis line volunteers. She also oversees the Children’s Program which incorporates ‘A Window between Worlds’ art workshops to help children build self-esteem and personal power after witnessing domestic violence at home.

Understanding fully how emotionally challenging domestic violence work can be, Mary makes a point to have boundaries between work and personal time. She loves living in San Francisco where there is always something affordable to do! She also enjoys going to drag shows, experiencing all work by Michael Jackson and Elizabeth Taylor, and humor; one of the things Mary values most about working at W.O.M.A.N is that despite a variety of challenges, their team makes sure to bring humor wherever necessary and appropriate.

WOMAN, Inc. (women organized to make abuse nonexistent)
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San Francisco, CA 94103
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