Matt Huckabay

Executive Director

Matt Huckabay is honored to join his fellow cohorts, embarking on what he describes as “a significant personal and transformative journey for the domestic violence movement”. His professional career spans from managing businesses with multi-million dollar budgets to training inmates on the delivery of palliative care to their terminally ill brothers dying behind bars. Huckabay’s life experiences have taught him the importance of building collaborations based on common hopes and shared dreams in order to effectively confront inequality and realize social justice.

He contends, “identifying and correcting imbalances between heart and structure that occur in me, my staff and our agency is the never ending dance.”

Participating in the SFP LDP has truly been a transformative experience for me personally, my agency and my connectedness to my peers and to the field. I have a deeper awareness of and appreciation for my unique skills and talents as well as a new found confidence in myself. The connections formed with my peers has proven to be invaluable. friendships, collaborations.
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