Rama Jalan (Dharmarajan)

Executive Director

Rama Dharmarajan is the Executive Director of Maitri. Rama joined Maitri in 2007 first as a volunteer and then went on to a staff position managing Maitri’s Transitional Housing program before taking on this leadership role. Rama also spent several years in the corporate world first in India and then in USA, has a management degree from Stanford University, and brings significant experience in organizational and strategic management, process improvements, and project management to the organization.

Rama is fun loving, friendly, and passionate about music and relationships. She is fluent in English, Hindi, Tamil, and Bengali. She believes strongly in positive thought and action, and has the firm conviction that compassion and a positive outlook can see you through most things in life. In her free time, Rama can be found playing the sitar, humming a tune, writing nonsensical rhymes that she calls poetry, or spending time with family and friends.

P.O. Box 697
Santa Clara, CA 95052