Sharon Turner

Regional Director

Sharon Turner knew early on that she wanted to live in other parts of the world and learn how other cultures co-exist. She also knew that she wanted to change the world.
Sharon grew up in the sixties and as a child saw Dr. Martin Luther King at a rally in her hometown. At that time, her city had just elected its first African American Alderwoman who was determined to influence as many young women in her neighborhood as possible. She had the young women, including Sharon, volunteer at election offices and participate in civil rights rallies. Those early experiences coupled with Sharon’s work with women and youth in villages across Africa, India, Latin America and urban America helped to shape who she is today.

Sharon has been at STAND! for nineteen years, working in the field of domestic violence, women’s development and training for more than 35 years. As Director of Prevention and member of the Senior Management Team, Sharon oversees programs and activities that engage men and boys in preventing domestic violence, parenting programs, community education and training, First Five programming, and the teen dating violence initiative. Sharon also serves on various committees and task forces at the county and state levels including the Prevention subcommittee of Contra Costa County’s Zero Tolerance Initiative and with the California Partnership to End Domestic Violence, where she is President of the Board of Directors. To know Sharon is to know that her favorite thing in the world is to sing...and when not singing (or imagining singing), making delicious healthy meals for friends and family.

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