Sitra Thiayagarajah

Deputy Director

Sitra T. serves as the Deputy Director of My Sister’s House, the Central Valley’s only shelter for battered Asian/Pacific Islander women and children. Her work in the domestic violence field began in 1997 when she volunteered at San Luis Obispo Women Shelter Program while working on her second undergraduate degree. There she found her passion working with women and children. Shortly thereafter, Sitra was hired as an Assistant Shelter Manager. Two years later, she was promoted as a Coordinator of Case Management Services in the same organization. In 2005, Sitra moved to Sacramento and served as part of the WEAVE’s Domestic Violence Response Team for the Sacramento Sheriff’s Department. A year later, she was offered a Shelter manager position at My Sister’s House.

Currently, Sitra is an active member on various committees including the Death Review Team, Gathering Strength Advisory Committee, and the Family Justice Center Steering Committee. When’s she not working, Sitra’s favorite hobbies are shopping and eating.

My Sister's House
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