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Julie Richter

After working for two years with multisector collaborations that take on domestic violence, Program Officer TC Duong shares what the Foundation is learning about the factors that influence their success. "These findings create a blueprint for prioritizing collaborations that are ready to make the biggest impact," he says.

A group attending a workshop claps in unity

During one of the most challenging years that many of us have ever faced, Blue Shield of California Foundation has seized the opportunity to refine the strategies that will help us end domestic...

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The echoes of the AIDS crisis have been ringing loudly since the start of COVID-19 pandemic.

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This piece originally appeared in CalMatters. Soon, communities across California will receive an unprecedented infusion of federal funding through the American Rescue Plan Act. While these funds can...

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By: Foundation staff

We explore five ways communities of the future can prevent domestic violence.

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When I came to the Foundation just a few weeks ago, I was energized to help achieve our bold goal: to make California the healthiest state with the lowest rates of domestic violence. I didn’t know it...

Peter Long, Ph.D.

A movement to modernize our health system is spreading to communities across California.