Break the cycle of domestic violence

Domestic violence impacts adults, children, extended families, and entire communities. In fact, 58% of Californians have been touched by domestic violence, either as a survivor, as a person who caused harm, or through a close friend or family member.

Breaking the cycle of domestic violence requires working across generations to prevent childhood exposure, while also strengthening prevention and healing.

Rooted in harmful gender norms, racism, and income inequality, domestic violence is a societal issue we can collectively work to prevent.

To break this multigenerational cycle, we focus on directly addressing its root causes.

“Survivors, families and communities affected by domestic violence should be directly engaged in building solutions that prevent it across generations. It ensures equitable solutions promote healing and go beyond what is needed to survive, providing pathways for people and families to thrive.”

—Lucia Corral Peña, Senior Program Officer

Creating impact through systems change

Text of a banner reads "Our hands are for helping, not hurting!"

Solutions that enable a whole family to heal break the cycle of violence for future generations. These solutions work to include children exposed to violence and the person who causes harm.

Through organizations such as California Partnership to End Domestic Violence and ValorUS, the Foundation promotes policies that increase gender and racial justice. By advocating for the priorities and needs of survivors, families, and communities of color, our partners recently helped secure $15 million in new state funds for prevention and early intervention services, and $100 million supporting services for domestic violence survivors, victims of sexual violence and other crime.


Grantee Year Grant Amount Region
California Partnership to End Domestic Violence 2022 $850,000 Statewide
Department of Social Services 2022 $400,000 Statewide
CalMatters 2022 $200,000 Statewide
California State Association of Counties 2021 $713,648 Statewide
ValorUS 2021 $600,000 Sacramento Valley
Homeboy Industries 2021 $314,000 Los Angeles
Contra Costa Family Justice Center Alliance 2021 $940,000 San Francisco Bay Area
The Center for Cultural Power 2021 $800,000 National
California Partnership to End Domestic Violence 2021 $475,000 Statewide
Social Good Fund 2021 $440,000 Los Angeles
ValorUS 2021 $430,000 Statewide
California Black Womens Health Project 2021 $410,000 Statewide
Community Partners 2021 $320,000 San Francisco Bay Area
Tides Center 2021 $265,000 National
Mujeres Unidas y Activas 2021 $156,803 San Francisco Bay Area
Safe & Sound (formerly San Francisco Child Abuse Prevention Center) 2021 $154,139 San Francisco Bay Area
WEAVE INCORPORATED 2021 $150,000 Sacramento Valley
LIFT, Inc. 2021 $150,000 Los Angeles
Planned Parenthood Mar Monte Inc 2021 $149,880 San Francisco Bay Area
SBCS Corporation 2021 $146,000 South

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