Light The Way

Light The Way

While the Strong Field Project officially ended in 2014, its momentum forges onward as the torch is passed to domestic violence leaders like you—you are the heart of the field; you are the champion of change; you are the future. 

Now equipped with stronger networks, tools, skills, and solutions, you can build on the progress of the Strong Field Project and architect the next chapter of the domestic violence field. To enlighten your efforts, tap into fellow leaders and utilize resources to build your knowledge and power your ideas. You can light the way. 

But you don’t have to go it alone. Learn. Collaborate

“People aren’t afraid of the tough conversations now. We’ve transitioned from a shelter model to now trying to align services to advance the success for survivors, even if it means putting yourself out of business. Now it’s a field poised to lead itself.”
– Domestic Violence Leader


of Strong Field Project Leadership Development Program participants noted increased individual management and leadership skills

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