Strong Field Project Institute Documents and Resources

strong field project institute 2012
May 21-23, 2012


         SFPI Objectives and Expectations

    • Learn from Leadership Development Program (LDP) and Organizational Strength Grants (OSG) cohort members about strategies, frameworks, and tools,

    • Enjoy structured and unstructured time to build stronger connections with peers,

    • Exchange insights with peers about strengths and opportunities in the field of domestic violence in California,

    • Indicate renewed energy in their personal and organizational goals to end domestic violence,

    • Strengthen peer networks and connections with colleagues,

    • Identify practical tools and strategies presented and discussed that increase their individual and organizational capacity, and

    • Leave with knowledge and motivation to access SFP tools on new SFP website.



Nonprofit Finance Fund
La Piana Consulting


Institute Day 1
Joelle Gomez
Bess Bendet
Marissa Tirona
Bess Bendet
Fabiola DeCaratachea
Bess Bendet


Institute Day 2
Joelle Gomez
Yvette Lozano
Peace Over Violence
Ann King
Tri-Valley Haven
Maricela Rios-Faust
Human Options
Laura Sunday
Center for Non-Violent
Morgan Bassichis
Maria Carolina Morales
Communitues United Against
Matt Huckabay
Emma Owens
Jana Pingle
Center for Violence Free
Gloria Sandoval
Michelle Davis
Mariya Taher
Jill Zawisza
Debra Suh
Deborah Meehan
Collaborative Meaning Making and Sharing the Story of the Institute
Joelle Gomez


Additional Documentation