Stronger Together

Launched in 2010, the Strong Field Project was a four-year effort led by the Blue Shield of California Foundation’s Blue Shield Against Violence Program. The project rose out of a desire to strengthen the domestic violence field as statewide funding diminished and the needs of the field became more complex.

Through partnerships with California Partnership to End Domestic Violence, CompassPoint Nonprofit Services, Jemmott Rollins Group, and the Women's Foundation of California, the project focused on building Strong Leadership, Strong Organizations, and Strong Networks.

In the end, the Strong Field Project did so much more—it changed the way people in the field thought about domestic violence and themselves. The project illuminated possibilities never before imagined.

Specifically, the project:

  • Created a larger critical mass of leaders that now includes younger, more diverse leaders
  • Inspired a culture shift among organizations from scarcity and competiveness to abundance and collaboration
  • Spurred a culture shift within the field from a mentality of reactive, shelter-based to proactive and root-cause oriented
  • Established a statewide network of leaders and organizations inspired to work together to strengthen the field
  • Built a model for other foundations and fields

“The Strong Field Project was really a gift to give us the space to do something different, to pilot something new, and to create new tools for ourselves and come out at the other end looking different.”
– Domestic Violence Leader


- the total investment in the Strong Field Project from 2010-2014

Strong Voices

Hear from Strong Field Project participants about the project’s impact